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Posted: March 24, 2012 in Conference
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On the way to Newcastle for the Culture Code initiative. Unusually I’m working a weekend. Makes for easy travel though. I hope.



An Orwell inspired podcast I recorded with Dr John Perivolaris is playing on an interesting looking Muji CD player at a Salford gallery. It’s a part of of an Exhibition entitles ‘1984 Looks Like This’ by Documentary Photographer David Dunnico. It opened at Salford Museum and art gallery on the 17th of March and will run until the 1st of July.

A5 podcast caption.pdf
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Just took delivery of a demo unit of the Delkin Devices waterproof action camera.

I met the guys at Focus on imaging and they were kind enough to send me this for review.

It has a few features lacking from the standard HD Hero. I’ll blog more and post some footage when I’ve had a play.

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The meal arrived and nobody knew what it was.

I was most impressed with his focus on user privacy. He has also convinced me to get in and get editing. To be a part of the Wikipedia community.